Firm Hold Mustache Wax

Firm Hold Mustache Wax

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Dirtnap handcrafted firm hold mustache wax provides the firmest, most durable, all day hold. Reasonably pliable, natural, all day hold to style and shape one’s mustache. Very firm setup, yet easy to scoop wax, helps control mustache hairs, keeping them out of your mouth. Our firm hold is best used for more elaborate creations and/or twirling handlebars. 


Scent- natural, light, sweet fresh scent will not nauseate the senses.


· Hand crafted in the usa


· Helps manage fly-away hairs


· Conditions and locks in essential moisture to mustache


· Firm yet easy to emulsify and scoop


Directions for use: 


Scrape or scoop a small lentil sized amount out of the tin with back of fingernail, (some people use the rim of the lid for this or other utensil). Warm and soften the wax by rubbing between fingers, completely emulsifying before applying. 


A very small amount of beard oil applied throughout the mustache can help guide the wax to help avoid pulling of hairs. With larger, bushier mustaches, a comb could be used to spread the whiskers and help separate hairs evenly.


Both our medium and firm hold waxes work just as well on short mustaches, as well as larger more elaborate creations. After using a resin-based wax, one’s mustache notably keeps its shape with less or no waxing. 


Start at the center of the mustache under one’s nose. With wax softened, warmed, and evenly distributed over finger tips, gently squeeze your fingers together, rolling and massaging wax into the hairs between your fingers. 


Avoid pulling while working your way outwards towards the ends of the mustache. 


Resin waxes require some trial and error on your part to master application. Apply more wax as needed to achieve the desired look. If you want handlebars, twirl more wax into the ends of your mustache and style. 


A fine-tooth comb helps to separate hairs and pull excess wax after application giving cohesiveness, without making it look stiff or forced. 


Wipe excess wax onto a rag to clean your fingers and/or face- go out like a man!




Beeswax, cocoa butter, frankincense resin, fir tree resin, lanolin, lanolin wax, camellia seed oil.

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