The Holy Black Supermax Pomade

The Holy Black Supermax Pomade

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When you need maximum hold but dont want to sacrifice shine, This is the pomade you're looking for.

  • Maximum hold
  • Washes out effortlessly
  • Will never flake or discolor hair
  • Easy to restyle

Supermax water based pomade is a heavy hitter. Twice as strong as their classic pomade for those times when you need that extra hold. The Holy Black have been formulating Supermax with their top barbers and are very excited for everyone to try the new formula. This may be the strongest water based pomade currently on the market.   Restyle with a wet comb and wash out with regular shampoo. Comes in a 4oz amber jar. Lightly fragranced with their Bay Whisky Lime scent for a classic barbershop feel.


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