YS Park YS Dragon Air Styler Brush

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The YS Park Dragon Air Styler 9-Row Brush is designed with both Super Plastic row pins and Nylon row Pins. The Super Plastic row resists heating up to 220 degrees Celsius or 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The Nylon row for Antistatic. The Antistatic pins grab and pick up hair sections with ease. The Dragon Air Styler is designed with hexagon shaped tips of the pins to allow for faster drying and consistent tension. Designed with removable pin rows not only for cleaning but the interior mesh spine can be removed for a softer more comfortable feel against the scalp. The handle is shaped for comfort with ventilation holes that dry hands faster for a better grip.

The YS Park Dragon Air Styler 9-Row Brush features 76 air holes in the bristle pad and 31 air ducts along the spine to vent hot air for quicker, damage-free drying. The entire body is beautifully sculpted to provide unrivaled comfort and grip. The inner pad structure can easily be taken out for a softer bristle pad which cushions the scalp on sensitive heads and is easier to use on cutting wigs. 

  • Anti-static and heat resistant pins
  • Sized for blow-drying
  • Less damage, more energy saved
  • Pins are soft and gentle
  • Super light body 
  • The comfort grip has air holes

2.5"D x 1.9"H x 8.9"L
28 lines by 9 rows