Pomade; What? Why? How?

Have you ever shopped for hair product and be so overwhelmed by all the options? Why are there so many different kinds? Are they really that different? 

First lets begin with a history lesson about pomade. The word pomade is french for "ointment". Traditionally, pomade was made out of bear fat, later crafted from lard. Most modern pomade is made of lanolin, beeswax, and petroleum jelly. Now the term pomade mainly refers to hair product. The two main types of pomade are oil based and water based. 

How do you decide on what pomade product is best for you? You have to ask yourself the following questions;

1. Do I want water based or oil based? Water based product will wash out with water with the con being moisture like sweat will compromise the product. Oil based is a thicker consistency, won't wash out with just water. You may need a scrub or degreasing shampoo.

2. What hold do you desire? Most people are using the wrong hold for their hair type and style. 

3. What finish do you like? Matte, glossy, or satin? (yes, like in car paint finishes) 

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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