Vixen & Beard

Hello friends, 

For this first blog entry we are going to tell you who Vixen & Beard is. The brains behind the operation. We started V & B back in 2016, it was just a wild idea that we came up with during a random conversation. Once we began brainstorming the stores concept, we began doing research. We looked for brands that we wanted to support, while also focusing on local california companies. We have expanded since then. 

V & B was created out of love for beauty for both men and women. We are a husband and wife team. Ana and Marvin. We have been married for 5 years and have been together for 13 years! We have two children a five year old boy named Zeke and a eight month old named Maddie. (yes we had a baby during the 2020 pandemic). 

The name Vixen & Beard means a store for both men and women equally. Now people just assume it represents us. Which I guess is not wrong now. When we opened on April,1st,2017 we had no idea if anyone would like our store. ( we are glad you did, thank you). Fast forward to 2019, we have expanded into a barbershop. Through the years we fell in love with men's grooming, we feel that men deserve the same attention to beauty and style that women receive. 

If you are in the area drop in and say hi we'd love to meet you. Not close enough to visit us, were just one click away online. You can always DM us through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We personally reply to all of your comments and messages.  


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