Why washing your beard properly is important.

We believe that beard care is as important as hair care. It has become part of men’s personal care routine. You have to think of beard care like skin care. So many of us are tending to our beard wrong. The most common mistake we see men doing is washing their beard with hair shampoo. Think about it this way, would you wash your face with shampoo? Beard wash can be used as face wash. Not all beard wash is created equal. You have too look at the ingredients, is it sulfate free and paraben free? Have you ever wondered by your beard is still dry even after using bead oil? Odds are you are drying out your skin with your face wash. 

Then we can break up the options of beard washing. There is beard wash and beard soap bars. That choice is your own personal preference to what kind you like using. I switch off between both options just to keep things interesting. After all it is my job to try everything.  Make sure whichever product you choose that you are properly washing your beard every day. 

We can’t forget about beard conditioner, this will either make your beard a nice fluffy cloud, or it will be a Brillo pad your choice. After cleansing your beard you must condition it. There are two way to do so. One you can just work in beard conditioner or beard softener into your beard while in the shower for about one to three minutes. Option two, work in the beard conditioner and leave it in for more than five minutes. This is deep conditioning your beard. I suggest deep conditioning your beard at least once every two weeks. 


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