Suavecito Barber Packpack

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This Barber Backpack is the ultimate way to transport all your equipment. All-over padded support and a front clip makes it easy to carry, even if you’ve filled every inch with tools. Multiple compartments open wide for easy access. Straps and pouches are strategically placed for specific barber tools like your clippers, combs and brushes, blow dryer, shears, and more!

Some noteworthy features include:

  • Parallel straps for shear rollup or case
  • 8 comb or brush pouches with secure straps
  • Padded sleeve for laptop or mirror
  • Small elastic straps and pouch for shears, brushes, combs, or smaller loose items
  • 8 clipper pouches with adjustable straps
  • Perpendicular adjustable blow dryer straps

PLUS two front pouches for phone, pens, keys, or loose items and a side mesh pouch for a spray bottle or water bottle.