Vixen & Beard Round Brush

Vixen & Beard Round Brush

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A brush is a base tool in the grooming routine, designing one with the emphasis on "multi-purpose" makes the V&B Round Brush a unique design that we take pride in. With a versatile 1.5" diameter and its firm-cut 100% Boar Hair, not only is it capable of working in excellent volume when paired with a blowdryer and forming a natural curve for pompadours, but can equally and effectively brush out the mustache and beard.

Pro Tip: If you like volume on the beard or need help redirecting some hairs into place, use our Round Brush to angle out the desired hairs and blowdry*.

*We personally recommended to apply beard products first to act as a heat protectant when blowdrying the facial hair to minimize prolonged damage from high heat exposure.