Zeus Organic Sandalwood Beard & Mustache Comb w/Leather Sheath

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Zeus knows you've seen a sandalwood comb before, but we're sure you haven't seen one of these bad boys. Presenting the Zeus Organic Sandalwood Comb for Beard and Mustache! This long, slender grooming tool is carefully hand cut and assembled from 2 pieces of natural green sandalwood. A thick, polished spine supports an even split of both fine and medium width teeth. Fine width teeth will keep that rowdy, dirty mustache in line while medium width teeth handle longer, more full chin whiskers. Each individual tooth has a smooth, rounded tip edge for scratch-free grooming. Oh, and if the comb isn't enough, they paired it with a genuine leather sheath! This sheath is cut from a single piece of soft, thick, and securely stitched black leather to protect your comb when stored or on-the-go.